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2020 Lunar Calendar by Hannah Mintz

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An endless cycle of rebirth.

A lunar calendar created by artist and local science teacher Hannah Mintz.
The design is letter pressed with silver ink on a midnight dark navy blue mid-weight kraft paper.
Each print is housed in a wood composite white frame with canvas backing and a glass window.

· 1st editions out of 250
· Printed at DWRI Letterpress Providence, RI
· 9" x 9" frame with canvas mat backing 

The 2020 Lunar Calendar was created by Hannah Mintz (@mxmintz) a local Providence science teacher and artist. The calendar is a diagram of the phases of the moon throughout the 2020 year. When the cycle starts, a new moon is born and we are blind to it, as the moon is directly in-between the earth and the sun. As the moon continues through its 29 day cycle we see it grow to be full as it rotates and revolves around the earth. When we see a full moon, it has traveled halfway through the cycle and is directly across from where it started as a new moon.

Other Details
Width: 10.00 (in)
Height 10.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)


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