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Coltrane, John - My Favorite Things -LP

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"Jeanne Dielman present a reissue of John Coltrane's My Favorite Things, originally released in 1961. Credit for this album is partially due to Miles Davis, who had somewhat recently purchased Coltrane's first soprano saxophone. Previously, the soprano saxophone had been little used in jazz. This 1961 album also seems to fully mark Coltrane's transformation into modal jazz, another Davis influence, and his modal take on the classic standard, "My Favorite Things", from The Sound Of Music soundtrack (1965), remains one of the more iconic jazz songs in history. Rounded out by three more standards, performed in modal interpretations that completely redefined the meaning of a "standards" album, My Favorite Things is one of the many transcendent jazz albums the legendary John Coltrane is responsible for."


Sealed 2017 Reissue , imported from Belgium.

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