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Empties Vol. II by Cheatin’ Snakes

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EMPTIES Vol. II presented by Cheatin' Snakes is now available through our website for FREE!
Empties Vol. II includes artwork from

· Crocodile Jackson
· Wizard of Barge
· Love from 1969
· Hungry Ghost Press
· Cheatin Snakes
· Tat Engine
· Luke Pelletier
· Dirty Sweaty Scum Boy

Trying to describe Cheatin’ Snakes is like putting your thumb on a bead of mercury. This brand exists as a cultural chameleon, worn by the edge cases, the cast-outs, the weirdos, and the dirtbags alike. It’s streetwear for those who like a little dirt under their fingernails. Cheatin’ Snakes is the brand your Mom warned you about. These vagrants are HQed in Kansas City, but you’re just as likely to find someone selling their wares out of the trunk of a stolen LeBaron in Reno… If you’re looking to be a rowdy rebel gilded in dirtbag couture, you’ll feel right at home with Cheatin’ Snakes. 



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