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Remembered Different (XL)

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Remembered Different (XL)

Certified 1 of 1. Sewn in Providence, RI.

Being in the studio, in the heat, in solitude, remembering a good day a few summers ago...being sweaty, being back in ny, with a belly full of ice cream and a few beers, happy to be reunited with two of my favorite people, carrying a bouquet feeling like I’d just won a gold medal in figure skating, and sitting atop giant ikea bags filled with sand, I guess they were white though.This piece has 2 hems of tee shirts I cropped at some point, part of a sundress given to me by my childhood babysitter and a square of this plaid nylon leftover from an outfit I started to sew for myself but never finished.

Delicate/ hand wash inside out, and hang dry.

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