The Devil's Tonic Highball Glass

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Sit back and enjoy a glass of a classic drink brought to you Satan and the fine folks of Hungry Ghost Press.
Supplying you with fear and delights since the beginning of time.
The perfect start to your nights of hell raising.
$12 ea or 4 for $40

5 Ice cubes
Your choice of whiskey (Always Old Overholt for us)
Your choice of ginger ale (Always Canada Dry for us)
A lime

Place 5 ice cubes in whiskey glass (depending on size of ice)
Pour 3 oz. of whiskey into glass
Fill with 4 oz. of ginger ale
Slice 1/4 wedge of lime
Garnish on rim and serve
Squeeze, Stir & Enjoy!

· 12.5 oz highball glass
· Screen printed wrap print
· Hand wash or light top dishwasher use

Drink responsibly. Hail Satan.

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