And now we need some help!
At 239 Oak Street, Hungry Ghost Press will have room to expand our retail store, zine library and our open floor production area where you can see the goods we make in house. It will also allow for the creation of the Deli Gallery and provide space for pop up markets held in conjunction with the Lonelyville Markets.
Connecting and collaborating with others in our community and beyond has always been a focus for Hungry Ghost Press and we’re excited to continue this mission in this historic building.

239 Oak Street is a blighted mill building originally built in 1836 as part of the Weybossett Mill Complex. It's a 17,000 sq. ft. 3 floor building that runs along the north side of Oak Street off of Troy Street in our Olneyville neighborhood. It has been abandoned for several decades and is ready to be brought back to life with new purpose. 
We are hoping to keep up the aesthetics of the classic 19th century New England brick mill while also making updates to ensure that it is a safe and practical space for ourselves and the community.