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Burnin Skull Pin By Crookshanks

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We're gonna burn burn burn..

A little about Crookshanks..
My names Jake, but I go by Crookshanks online. Mostly because I think its a rad name, but I also think I resemble the titular feline quite a bit— big and wide, red beard, and mostly a loner except for a select few. I’ve been doodling on anything I can get my hands as far back as I can remember, and when I was 16 I discovered American traditional tattooing and the accompanying style. My mom drove me to Connecticut for my first tattoo, and since then I’ve been hooked. My main focus has been on taking the classic motifs you see— panther, rose, lady head, skull, fire —and giving them a little manic twist. Changing mediums from just watercolor paper and inks has helped me turn regular flash designs into some crazy shit. These two skull designs are exactly my kind of traditional. Something you know you’ve seen before, just turned on its head in a weird way. 

· Approximately 1" tall pin
· Die cut shape
· Rubber backing clasps


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