VHS Mystery Grab Bag

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From the Hungry Ghost Press vintage VHS collection comes the MYSTERY GRAB BAG!
Pay $10 and get a RANDOM VHS of your selected theme
Pay $15 and get a RANDOM 'Recorded at Home' bag, these may contain more than one movie and maybe some amazing commercials from the 80's, 90s and 00's, who knows!
Pay $16.66 for our 'Christ Has Risen' genre, get a random apocalyptic video filled with the fury and wrath of the heavens!

Inspired from the best days of corner store grab bags, you never know what you'll get!
Some bags contain extra goodies, some bags have amazing pics, some terribly amazing pics, you never know!
The collection consists Horror, Sci Fi, Comedies, Romance, Drama and the best and worst Christmas movies around including TV shows, made for TV movies, mini movies and documentaries. 

Share your pick when you get it and join in on the NAME THAT MOVIE instagram stories game!

*If you order more than one tape from a category, we can not guarantee that there will not be repeats or similar movies. We pack these bags beforehand and take them sealed off the shelves of our store stock, so we do not know what movie is in each one.