Come Hungry Print Made By Violet Bordin

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Original airbrush on archival paper by Bordin, then shot with a digital camera and dtg printed on raw heavy canvas

· 8" x 10"
· Top corner grommets for easing hanging or framed print

Violet Bordin is a 21-year-old artist from San Francisco. They are currently working towards a degree in sculpture from the Rhode Island school of design and a degree in modern culture and media from Brown University simultaneously. While recently they have been working with airbrush to create both paintings and clothing, their practice is defined by the pursuit of as many disciplines as possible. From performance and installation, to painting and furniture, they seek to work with as many materials as they can be inspired by. The core of their practice is creating works in and of the body. Their common thread is both a deep sense of artistic impulsivity and a constant study of their own lens.