Cactus Made By Steve Lurkel Tapestry


Product Description

Rob Vaughn Guess, aka “Steve Lurkel”, is an outsider artist hailing from New London CT currently residing in Providence RI.
Familiar in both graffiti and street art, Lurkel has made appearances in galleries from the East Coast to Portland, OR displaying his whimsical, moody characters utilizing anything from old windows to dusty tired suitcases.
Lurkel touches upon maximalism, embracing the use of bold colors mixed with his anti-style art that makes the bulk of multi-media work in his archives. 

This featured tapestry is a digital painting made on a Friday night, accompanied by some beers, some time ago, after a dream he had about a time living in Slab City without yet ever have visiting it.
When Lurkel eventually visited, he expressed “It was just as I’d imagined.”. 

Find him lurking on ig Stevelurkel

· 24" x 26" tapestry
· Digitally printed on 110 gsm knit polyester
· Reinforced corners 
· Hanging gold grommets on top corners